Chris Drew Street Artist/ “Free Speech..”Film indie now NWC worldwide!

Check out “Trailer  Free Speech   Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist a film by Nancy Bechtol – ” Feature indie documentary

Original Indie Music by Behind the Sun: Andy Alton & David Mansfield. courtesy of Hey Now Records. “Paper Airplane”

TRT: bw/color  99 min

New World Cinemas Distributes Chris Drew Film

presented by NEW WORLD CINEMAS Distributions, NYC.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

The film will be in the catalogue for New World Cinemas and marketed with NWC! Looking forward to the opportunities to expand the audience. May 2016.

If you like this video, make sure you share it, too!

The video Trailer is available for your viewing pleasure at

ALSO: Streaming on and DVD .  Also available directly at  Revolution Books on Ashland Ave. Chicago

Thanks for all the support, especially to all who appear in the film and I interviewed, or included as part of the public domain on streets!

Hugs and special thanks:

 Critical Mass (who gave Chris Drew a Memorial Ride in Downtown Chicago to the American Indian Center (the nonprofit Chris was Exec Dir, UM-CAC housed for 25 years)

and the Puppet Bike! and the Bucket Boys, (who were there, on streets too, and still are..) for being in the film.  Chicago icons!

 Onward, the story is told worldwide!


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